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Self Catheters partners with the most trusted brands in the industry. Mentor, Coloplast, Cure, Rochester and Medical are just a few among the many brands offered. Medical catheter tends to be a favorite among patients who buy Self Catheter, but Self Catheters supply-care specialists understand that every patient has a very unique set of needs that are specific to the individual. This is the nature of self catheterization, and no one understands this more than the trained professionals standing by at Self Catheters. Self Catheters experts are eager to help each patient make an informed decision on which of these brands offers the most appropriate and suitable devices. To prove this, Self Catheters offers free samples of any brand to enrolled members of their supply program. Through this opportunity, new users as well as those that wish to switch brands are able to do so with the utmost confidence in their final decision.

Once the patient finds a catheter that fits their preference, Self Catheters makes all of the arrangements. Self Catheters representatives pride themselves on guaranteed quick service that includes communication with your doctor, processing of health insurance, and 2-3 days to issue setups. Setups for leading competitors take as long as 4-5 days, making Self Catheters twice as fast. Their willingness to navigate through the technicalities extends to all Medicare patients, as they offer quick-and-easy online payment to any patient with Medicare.

Self Catheters doesn’t want the patient to worry about logistics, either. Upon finishing paperwork, Self Catheters guarantees that every patient receives their supplies quickly and discreetly. Aamco Medical works with a number of proven shipping carriers that patients can trust to deliver the supplies straight to their doorstep. The sensitivity and understanding that Self Catheters has gained a reputation for is consistent with every patient, every day. This reputation can be trusted by patients of all ages that buy from Self Catheter.

Everyone here at Self Catheters truly embodies what it means to be patient-driven. Without the proper care and support, self catheterization can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Self Catheters insists that this proper care and support of this level can only be found from their experienced and trained supply-care specialists, all of whom are available for catheter patients around the clock. These Self Catheters representatives are not only knowledgeable in the field of urology and catheter care, they are also motivated by their passion for dignity and respect of those that seek their assistance. Self Catheters supply-care specialists know that these simple principles make all the difference for someone facing the conditions that require the care they offer.

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