Getting Started

Providing Information

We will need your insurance information and your doctor’s name and phone number in order to obtain a prescription and also to verify your insurance company’s catheter coverage. Once this information is verified you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our specialists will work with your physician or case manager directly to obtain all necessary medical documentation.


We bill directly to private insurances, Medicare and Medicaid for covered catheters first.

Cost of Supplies

Aamco Medical is a urological supply company that services customers who have insurance. We handle all your insurance billing for you. The cost of the catheters depends on the type of insurance coverage you have. We are in network with most major insurance plans in the United States. Contact us if you would like to have us verify your catheter insurance coverage.

Receiving Supplies

Your supplies will be shipped to your doorstep through UPS. We supply one month of catheters with each shipment.

Delivering Supplies

We deliver FREE, once per month. If you would like to know a more exact time of your delivery based on your location in the United States, contact your Aamco Medical customer specialist.

Making changes to ongoing orders

Notify us if your doctor would like to change the amount or the type of catheter supplies you receive. We will contact your doctor’s office and get a new prescription along with the necessary documentation that is required to make the change.

Reusing Catheters

Washing and reusing catheters can be both time-consuming and inconvenient, not to mention unhealthy!

While rewashing catheters may work for some, many people experience reoccurring urinary tract infections (UTIs). Most major insurance companies recommend sterile use because reusing catheters often leads to infections which costs insurance companies more money.


Each insurance plan is different so it’s best to contact one of our specialists to verify your catheter coverage. Most insurances will cover sterile use (using one catheter and disposing of it each time). Medicare covers a maximum of 200 catheters per month.

It is the passion of the Aamco catheter supply-care specialists at Self Catheters to empower all who seek their professional assistance. This means providing expert advice, the latest technologically advanced supplies, and easily manageable recurring payments. The supply program offered at Self Catheters is designed to build dignity and independence in each patient that receives assistance, offering training to patients to perform the procedure themselves. While the patient’s independence is a principle conviction of everyone at Self Catheters, anyone who buys Self Catheters will feel that they are not alone in dealing with the process of self catheterization.

At Self Catheters, no one is left out. Whether male, female, young or old, Self Catheters supplies are available to anyone, with the opinion of an expert specialist along the way. If a patient is new to self catheterization or trying a new brand, Self Catheters supply-care specialists understand and are there to relieve the anxiety that can potentially come with adjusting to the new use of a catheter. The wide range of Self Catheters supplies reassures every patient that the right one is out there. To guarantee their patients find the most comfortable supplies in the industry, Self Catheters offers free samples of every brand in stock.

Urinary Catheters

Urinary catheters are offered for incontinence as well as retention in men and women. The thinnest and most flexible catheters in the industry are supplied by Self Catheter, making the procedure as manageable and comfortable as possible. Supply-care specialists are available 24/7 to offer valuable information about necessary precautions that should be taken in order to prevent complications such as UTI (urinary tract infection), allergies, and kidney or urethral injury. In the case that a patient experiences bladder spasms, leakage, fever, or other complications that may come with self catheterization, they can be confident in the support of a trained and understanding urologist at Self Catheters.

Disposable Catheters

Self Catheters supplies disposable and intermittent catheters like condom and Texas catheters. Because insertion into the bladder is not required in the use of these devices, they are often preferred. However, the expert specialists at Self Catheters advise any patient preferring this type of care to limit the use of each temporary catheter, as the recycling of Self Catheters supplies of this nature can be particularly harmful. Patients have no need to worry about running out, as up to 200 catheters per month are included upon enrollment in the supply program.

Long-Term Catheters

Self Catheters offers indwelling catheters or foley catheters for more permanent, long-term uses. These catheters have a small sterile water-filled balloon attached to the inserted end to hold it in place. Self Catheters specialists advise their patients to take advantage of their around-the-clock assistance when inserting this device. As Aamco Medical helps in the supply of self catheters for men/women, in all assistance, both male and female representatives are available upon patient preference.

Straight Catheters

Straight catheters are available, among the numerous devices that are offered at Self Catheter. Designed for quick use, straight catheters are for intermittent purposes only, often for individuals who are experiencing an emergency requiring urgent medical assistance. Straight catheters often assist in cases of urethral blockage. Medical professionals often use straight catheters to retrieve very precise samples of urine. This instrument is commonly used at the hospital but is made available at Self Catheters for use in a patient’s own home. As with every device coming from Self Catheter, advice on sterilization and cleaning techniques are offered with the purchase of straight catheters.

Why Us?

Self Catheters partners with the most trusted brands in the industry. Mentor, Coloplast, Cure, Rochester and Medical are just a few among the many brands offered. Medical catheter tends to be a favorite among patients who buy Self Catheter, but Self Catheters supply-care specialists understand that every patient has a very unique set of needs that are specific to the individual. This is the nature of self catheterization, and no one understands this more than the trained professionals standing by at Self Catheters. Self Catheters experts are eager to help each patient make an informed decision on which of these brands offers the most appropriate and suitable devices. To prove this, Self Catheters offers free samples of any brand to enrolled members of their supply program. Through this opportunity, new users as well as those that wish to switch brands are able to do so with the utmost confidence in their final decision.

Once the patient finds a catheter that fits their preference, Self Catheters makes all of the arrangements. Self Catheters representatives pride themselves on guaranteed quick service that includes communication with your doctor, processing of health insurance, and 2-3 days to issue setups.  Setups for leading competitors take as long as 4-5 days, making Self Catheters twice as fast. Their willingness to navigate through the technicalities extends to all Medicare patients, as they offer quick-and-easy online payment to any patient with Medicare.

Self Catheters doesn’t want the patient to worry about logistics, either. Upon finishing paperwork, Self Catheters guarantees that every patient receives their supplies quickly and discreetly. Aamco Medical works with a number of proven shipping carriers that patients can trust to deliver the supplies straight to their doorstep. The sensitivity and understanding that Self Catheters has gained a reputation for is consistent with every patient, every day. This reputation can be trusted by patients of all ages that buy Self Catheters.

Those at Self Catheters truly embody what it means to be patient-driven. Without the proper care and support, self catheterization can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Self Catheters insists that this proper care and support of this level can only be found from their experienced and trained supply-care specialists, all of whom are available for catheter patients around the clock. These Self Catheters representatives are not only knowledgeable in the field of urology and catheter care, they are also motivated by their passion for dignity and respect of those that seek their assistance. Self Catheters supply-care specialists know that these simple principles make all the difference for someone facing the conditions that require the care they offer.

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