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Aamco Medical supply-care specialists at Self Catheters have a deep sensitivity and understanding of every patient’s need that is unprecedented in the industry. Patients of all walks of life who buy Self Catheters supplies experience this firsthand through quickly issued setups, online purchases through Medicare, and a wide variety of catheter supplies to fit every need. Self catheters for men/women, straight catheters, intermittent catheters, and urinary catheters in all sizes are included in Self Catheters supplies. Those at Self Catheters present patients with the latest technology pertaining to self catheterization, including catheter devices made from material with the user’s optimum comfort in mind. With the Self Catheter’s team of live professionals just a phone call away at any time, patients are given expert advice about what to expect when using catheters, ensuring a safe and healthy experience while reducing the risk of complications such as UTI (urinary tract infection).

How It Works

Upon contact, a patient may expect those at Self Catheters to communicate with their doctor’s office. The Self Catheters representative will also process the patient’s insurance, and those with Medicare can even buy catheters directly from the Self Catheters online website! Setups are issued in just 2-3 days, making Self Catheters twice as fast as the leading competitor.

If a patient is not sure what catheter is right for them, no problem. Self Catheters offers free samples to try as many different brands as it takes to find a catheter that fits the patient’s preference. Aamco Medical sets the standard as leading specialist in catheter supplies. Once the right catheter is chosen, patients are guaranteed discreet home delivery of up to 200 catheters per month.

Circumstances leading up to the decision to use a medical catheter are trying. The adjustment to the routine of a catheter also presents many challenges. These conditions can be overwhelming for someone without urological healthcare support and guidance. The experienced Aamco Medical supply-care specialists at Self Catheters understand these struggles and are trained to help every step of the way, both with insight on the supplies that fit your needs as well as providing personal advice on the transition into self catheterization. With ready-to-help customer service professionals combined with the resources they are presented with upon enrollment in the supply program, catheter users can be confident that they are being taken care of by the most qualified in the field. With these benefits, catheter users can’t afford not to buy Self Catheter.

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